Want to locate a Metroid Prime Federation Force multiplayer squad near you for unique team strategies?

Want to locate a Metroid Prime Federation Force multiplayer squad near you for unique team strategies?

Metroid Prime: Federation Force fans around Australia and New Zealand are combining their Mech forces and team strategies to eradicate the Space Pirate menace!

The galaxy is not at peace… can you and your squadron end the war?

Allocate individual roles for your Federation Force squadron to maximise your chance of survival and complete the mission at hand with your strongest asset: teamwork!

While this unique sci-fi shooter can be played solo, it really packs a punch in multiplayer co-op mode, with increased firepower, strategic missions and deeper gameplay!

Gather your troops to combat the Space Pirates!

Which role will you honourably take on?

Want to enlist in a specialised four-player squad via local or online* play but unsure of where to begin your search?

Local StreetPass fan community groups are ideal for meeting other Nintendo gamers!


Nintendo Australia is thrilled to see so many of you enjoying Nintendo 3DS together and arranging your own StreetPass events.

StreetPass events offer Nintendo 3DS owners the chance to meet up with fellow Nintendo 3DS owners and build their StreetPass Mii Plaza together. These events also provide an excellent opportunity for local multiplayer matches, along with the chance to discover some hints and tips.

Don’t forget – these fan communities are not official Nintendo groups, they are organised and moderated by fans in the local community.

Parents, please note: Local StreetPass fan community groups are not supervised by Nintendo – please ensure that you provide supervision to children joining online groups or attending any events run by online community groups.

Here are some of the Australian and New Zealand Facebook-based local StreetPass fan community groups** currently online…


Local StreetPass fan community groups in Australia


Sydney Nintendo & StreetPass Fans


Newcastle 3DS StreetPass Fans


Townsville Nintendo 3DS StreetPass


StreetPass Brisbane


Adelaide Nintendo Connection


Canberra Nintendo & 3DS StreetPass Fans


Do you know a local StreetPass group that we should hear about?

promotions@nal.nintendo.com.au with your favourite StreetPass group's contact details (phone & e-mail), and we'll be in touch!

Suit up your Mech and get prepared for your mission with this Metroid Prime: Federation Force trailer…

The dangerous Metroid universe is now at your mercy. Honour your vow to protect it and fight back...before there's nothing left to fight for.


Find out more about Metroid Prime: Federation Force (SRP AU$59.95) for Nintendo 3DS systems by clicking the link below!

*Wireless internet connection required for online play. The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required. Download Play requires each player to have a Nintendo 3DS family system, sold separately.
**Some of these groups are closed groups, so you may not be able to view the content unless you join.




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