The history of Mario Kart: a race through time…

The history of Mario Kart: a race through time…

The Mario Kart experience is a nostalgic one, so we’re taking a drive down memory lane!

Mario Kart 8 for Wii U may dazzle you with its high-definition tracks, vibrant soundtrack, repertoire of racers, add-on content and interactive features… but since the series’ 1992 debut in Australia and New Zealand, your favourite Nintendo characters have test-driven a range of tracks, karts and pixels!

Are you ready to put your pedal to the metal as we (fast)track Mario Kart’s history?

Super Mario Kart

Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Released: 1992
Players: 1 to 2

Where it all began…

Kids of the 80s and early 90s got their first taste of getting behind the wheel (albeit without any road rules!) with Super Mario Kart for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

Not only did Super Mario Kart introduce fan-favourite courses that still feature in Mario Kart today – such as Mario Circuit, Bowser Castle, Koopa Beach and the infamous Rainbow Road…

…It also welcomed players to the first-ever version of two-player Battle Mode!

Donkey Kong Jr. also made his first and only Mario Kart appearance in Super Mario Kart!

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Mario Kart 64

Platform: Nintendo 64
Released: 1996
Players: 1 to 4

Mario Kart 64 well and truly turbocharged the series, featuring fully 3D courses, revolutionary 4-player mode, the addition of Wario and Donkey Kong as playable racers, as well as the introduction of the infamously much-feared blue Spiny Shell!

Making that perfect corner so that your tailing banana peel still protects you from incoming shells…

Power drifting… EEEEEE!


This game also welcomed some of today’s iconic tracks into the series, such as Toad’s Turnpike, Royal Raceway and Yoshi Valley!

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Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released: 2001
Players: 1 to 4

The Mario Kart series’ first handheld outing, Mario Kart: Super Circuit honoured Mario Kart’s 16-bit roots, by infusing retro flair with 20 brand new tracks – plus 20 classic tracks for experts to unlock!


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Mario Kart: Double Dash!

Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Released: 2003
Players: 1 to 8 (using LAN play)

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!, each kart held two racers that could switch places at any time during the race.

While the front character handled the kart-steering duties, the character seated in the back of the kart unleashed six types of items to send other racers off-track – with eight items that were only available for specific characters to use.


Twice the fun!



Mario Kart DS


Platform: Nintendo DS
Released: 2005
Players: 1 to 8

Mario Kart DS introduced Nintendo’s wireless gaming service, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, letting players race and battle with up to eight karts at once, regardless of whether everyone had a Game Card.

For the first time, players could battle others around the world!

This game also unveiled the dual-screen Mario Kart experience for the first time!



Because who doesn’t want to drive a vacuum cleaner kart?



Mario Kart Wii

Platform: Wii
Released: 2008
Players: 1 to 4

Mario Kart Wii introduced players to a new intuitive way to play, with Wii Remotes and Wii Wheel!

Racing as Mii characters was unveiled…

...and for the first time, players could race with karts or motorbikes – even being able to do wheelies and tricks!

This title also debuted the Mario Kart Channel, accessible via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, allowing players to play against others around the world!

Do you brake for blue shells?


Mario Kart 7

Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released: 2011
Players: 1 to 8

Customise your kart, race as new characters, soar through the sky and dive underwater as the world of racing gets bigger, better, and enters the third dimension!

Turn your Nintendo 3DS to steer!

In addition to traditional controls, Mario Kart 7 allows players to view the game in first-person and steer the kart simply by turning their Nintendo 3DS!

You'll even gain a new perspective on the retro courses by taking to the skies or diving underwater!

Race as Metal Mario for the first time!


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Mario Kart 8

Platform: Wii U
Released: 2014
Players: 1 to 12

Take the race off the straight and narrow – race up walls, along ceilings and more in anti-gravity vehicles!

It’s Mario Kart in high-definition – and high-speed, with a new faster-than-ever 200cc class!

You’ve seen Metal Mario – now meet Pink Gold Peach!

You’ve never seen Rainbow Road like this before…

Expand your Mario Kart 8 experience with downloadable content from Nintendo eShop!

With downloadable content from Nintendo eShop, you can get new characters, new vehicles and extra racetracks – such as these…

amiibo: bring toys to life!

If you tap compatible amiibo into Mario Kart 8

…you’ll unlock costumes for your Mii racer, based on those worn by your favourite Nintendo heroes!

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