Take Mario on a massive adventure across the world, in Super Mario Odyssey, exclusive to Nintendo Switch!

Take Mario on a massive adventure across the world, in Super Mario Odyssey, exclusive to Nintendo Switch!

Explore dazzling kingdoms, uncover loads of secrets, and rescue Princess Peach from Bowser and… his wedding planners?!

Mario has a new spectral sidekick, Cappy, and together, they’re about to embark on a massive globetrotting adventure in Mario’s hat-shaped flying airship, the Odyssey.

Customise your ride with decorative decal stickers for the Odyssey, and show off all the places you’ve been!

Traverse the globe to collect elusive Power Moons, uncover hidden secrets, meet new and old friends (and foes)…

…and ultimately foil Bowser’s plan of marrying Princess Peach!



Join the festivities of the Jump Up, Super Star! - Super Mario Odyssey Musical trailer, below:


A 3D Mario adventure like you’ve never seen before… plus a hatful of retro throwbacks!

Evoking the 3D sandbox-style of Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64) and Super Mario Sunshine (Nintendo GameCube), Super Mario Odyssey is packed full of secrets and surprises… including all kinds of throwbacks to Mario games throughout history!


Vast, vibrant horizons await Mario and Cappy, with stacks of bustling, sandy, yummy, prehistoric—and sometimes spooky—kingdoms awaiting the duo.

From familiar and brand-new enemies to notorious costumes and thrilling new Capture abilities, Super Mario Odyssey—exclusively on Nintendo Switch—is a Mario game like no other!

Collect purple regional coins in each kingdom to purchase costumes for Mario at the Crazy Cap boutique, which are themed to the kingdom you’re currently exploring!


CAP-ture characters and objects with Cappy to use special abilities!

In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario can throw his sidekick Cappy at certain enemies and objects to Capture them, allowing you to take control of their unique abilities, which will help you on your journey!

The best way to find out which characters and objects you can Capture in-game? Try it out!



A vivid sandbox journey unfolds anytime, anywhere, with Nintendo Switch!

Whether you’re frolicking amongst jelly mountains in the Luncheon Kingdom, or stomping around as a T-Rex at Fossil Falls, you can take the experience with you anywhere, thanks to the full portability of Nintendo Switch.

Handy motion controls at the drop of a hat

When playing in TV Mode with Joy-Con and Joy-Con Wrist Straps, flick your wrist to throw Cappy using the Nintendo Switch motion controls. You can even perform a Cap Jump, where you toss Cappy, then bounce off him to reach new places!

Swing both Joy-Con to one side to make Mario and Cappy perform a spin attack, which is super helpful when you’re being ambushed from all sides.

You can also swing both Joy-Con simultaneously up or down to attack in the corresponding direction. Give it a go!

Team up with a friend for 2-player antics

Hand a Joy-Con to a friend to enjoy simultaneous multiplayer. One player controls Mario, while the other player controls Cappy!


Commemorate your travel moments with Snapshot Mode

Freezeframe all your travel memories as you embark on your round-the-world trip with Mario, Cappy, and the flying Odyssey!


With the in-game Snapshot Mode, you can take a snapshot from all kinds of perspectives, so no globetrotting Super Mario Odyssey moment can be left behind.

Toggle the camera position, zoom in or out, and even add filters!


Here are just some of the snapshot-worthy kingdoms you’ll set foot in during your travels:


E3 2017 trailer



Three new amiibo join the line-up… out now!

Three Super Mario Odyssey series amiibo figures—Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser in their wedding outfits—are out now, available individually and as a three-pack.

Tap compatible amiibo into Super Mario Odyssey to unlock their costumes for Mario! These costumes can also be unlocked in the game’s shop by collecting enough Power Moons.

Need a hint? Any amiibo can be used to receive a tip on the next undiscovered Power Moon!


CAP-ture your imagination in Super Mario Odyssey, OUT NOW exclusively for Nintendo Switch!

Also out now are three new wedding-themed amiibo of Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser!

Head to the official gamesite to learn more:


Thinking of making the switch to Nintendo Switch?

Embark on an exciting odyssey, with the Limited Edition Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle, featuring exclusive red Joy-Con – out now!


Pssst! Have you heard?

All sorts of everyday items are being Captured by Cappy!

Here are some captured creations we located in the wild…

To join in, simply download your very own Cappy + moustache cut-outs (kids – make sure you have a parent or guardian around when using scissors), apply them to something amusing and snap a pic!

Tweet your best shots to @NintendoAUNZ with the hashtag #CapturedByCappy and we’ll retweet our favourites!

Please be responsible when taking your snaps and respect the privacy and belongings of others.


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