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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Version 1.5.2 Bug

We have received reports of a bug in the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Ver.1.5.2 update, which was distributed on August 24th, wherein quests that are cleared by defeating an enemy target can no longer be continued after the battle is over.

In quests with the clear condition of defeating an enemy target, if the final blow is a special move, chain attack, blade combo, etc., then the post-battle event will not play, and the quest can no longer be continued.

What To Do:

Use an auto-attack or a single-hit Art to defeat the target enemy.

Additional Information:

The above bug has been confirmed to occur in the following quests.

Quest List

  • Godfrey's Blade Quest [Flames of Justice]

  • Perceval's Blade Quest [Failure and Success]

  • Dagas's Blade Quest [Lost Kingdom]

  • Praxis's Blade Quest [Blade-Sharp Memory]

    • And related quest [Monster Quest 3]

  • Perun's Blade Quest [Eternal Spirit]

  • Adenine's Blade Quest [Limits of Awareness]

  • Zenobia's Blade Quest [A Real Challenge]

  • Floren's Blade Quest [Nature Boy]

    • And related quest [Beguiling Charms]

  • Herald's Blade Quest [The Calm and The Storm]

  • T-elos' Blade Quest [Lingering Resentment]

  • Quest [Mellica the Chorister]

  • Quest [The Riddle on the Wall]

We plan to fix this bug in the Version 2.0.0 update that will come with Torna - The Golden Country on September 14th. We apologise for the inconvenience until that time.

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