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What LAN Adapters Are Compatible With Nintendo Switch?


  • A LAN adapter is not required for Nintendo Switch dock with LAN (Model No. HEG-007), because it includes a built-in LAN port. If using a Nintendo Switch dock without a built-in LAN port, a USB LAN adapter is required to establish a wired internet connection.

  • A USB LAN Adapter can be connected to Nintendo Switch Lite using a licensed accessory, such as the Dual USB PlayStand for Nintendo Switch Lite from HORI.

For Nintendo Switch, the following LAN Adapters are recommended:

  • Wii LAN Adapter (model number RVL 015).

  • Wired Internet LAN Adapter for Nintendo Switch by HORI.

The Nintendo Switch system is also compatible with Nintendo Switch dock with LAN (Model No. HEG-007) that is included with the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model system bundles. This dock can be purchased separately.