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What can I restrict with Parental Controls?

You can configure Parental Controls for the Wii U console by accessing the Parental Controls option on the Wii U Menu. You can restrict certain features such as:

  • Game Classification – Restricts the usage (or purchase through Nintendo eShop) of Wii U software with unsuitable content.

  • Online Interaction in Games – Restricts online features and exchange of content through games. To control the use of the internet browser or Nintendo eShop, you must set the restrictions for those separately. You cannot restrict certain data downloaded through SpotPass (such as system updates or notifications from Nintendo).

  • Internet Browser – Restricts the use of the internet browser.

  • Friend Registration – Restricts the registration of additional friends. When you register friends, functions such as these will become available:

    • Seeing each other's online status and current software on the friend list, as well as posting or reading status messages on the friend list

    • Other communication functions limited to friends only

      Please note that some functions allow communication with users who are not registered friends. If you wish to restrict communication with users who are not registered friends, please configure the Online Interaction in Games and Internet Browser restrictions.

  • Viewing Distributed Videos – Restricts the viewing of video content in software for viewing videos. This restriction may also be applied to software that includes video-playback functions. Game-related videos in Nintendo eShop are controlled separately by the Game Rating restriction. To prevent the viewing of videos within the internet browser, you must restrict its use with the Internet Browser restriction.

  • Data Management – Restricts the deletion or moving of software or save data using Data Management.

  • Internet Settings – Restricts the addition, modification or deletion of internet settings.

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