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Unable to Change Nintendo Account Country/Region Setting Due to Nintendo eShop Balance

  • You are unable to change the country/region setting for your Nintendo Account because you still have a Nintendo eShop balance.

  • Error message: This Nintendo Account/child account has a Nintendo eShop balance. Your country/region cannot be changed until you either use up your remaining funds or select "Give up eShop balance" below. Do you want to give up your existing eShop balance and change your country/region? Please note that if you have merged your Nintendo Account and Nintendo Network ID balance, you won't be able to access your balance from your NNID either.

What to Do:

This error occurs when the Nintendo Account country/region is set to the Nintendo of America region.

  • Customers in the Nintendo of Australia and New Zealand region should be able to change the country/region setting even if they have a balance. However, when changing countries while carrying a balance on Nintendo eShop, there will be a pop-up message wherein the customer agrees to losing their balance by selecting OK before the change is finalised.

  • For the Nintendo of America region, you will not be able to change the country/region setting until you have spent the funds and your remaining Nintendo Account balance is 0. Please contact Nintendo of America Customer Support if you are unable to spend your remaining funds.

  • To see your current Nintendo Account balance, visit and select Funds and Payment Methods.

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