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The Kart is Unable to Read the QR Code

The information in this article can help you when the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit set is unable to read the QR Code displayed on the Nintendo Switch screen or on the TV screen.

Note: You may also find our troubleshooting information on pairing the kart helpful.

Possible Solutions

  • Ensure you are using Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit software.

    The kart will pair to the console only using the QR code displayed in the game.

  • Check for software updates.

    Verify that the game software is up to date.

  • Check for any available system updates.

    Verify that the console has the latest system update.

  • Clean the kart camera.

    Ensure the kart camera is not dirty or obstructed. Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe off any dirt or debris from the camera.

  • Try using handheld mode.

    If you are having difficulties reading the QR code while playing in TV mode, try switching to handheld mode to read the QR code directly from the console screen.

  • Adjust the brightness.

    If you are having difficulties reading the QR code while in handheld mode, try increasing the screen brightness on the console.

  • Adjust the distance.

    While reading the QR code, if kart camera is too close to the screen, it may not be able to read the code correctly. Gradually increase the distance between the kart camera and the console screen.

  • Check the surrounding environment.

    Depending on the surrounding wireless environment, indoor lighting, possible sunlight entering the room, etc., pairing the kart may be difficult. Try changing the surrounding environment or location by turning off unneeded wireless devices and ensure that light is not reflecting off the console screen.

Situation not resolved

If the kart is still unable to read the QR code, please contact us for support.