Nintendo Support

System Settings Overview

Access System Settings to configure important settings on the console such as user settings or the Internet connection.

The following settings are available on Nintendo Switch:

  • Support / Health & Safety

    • Safety Precautions

    • Error History  

  • Airplane Mode When enabled, all wireless communications, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, will be turned off. Some types of wireless communications can still be switched on manually when the console is in Airplane mode.

    Airplane mode cannot be set while the console is in TV mode. 

  • Screen Brightness Enable or disable Auto-Brightness Adjustment or set the console screen brightness manually. These options cannot be configured while the console is in TV mode. 

  • Screen Lock Enable or disable a screen lock when the console goes into sleep mode. 

  • Parental Controls Parental Controls can be used to restrict features of this console. Parental Controls can be configured from the console or using your smart device. 

  • Internet Configure your Internet connection. 

  • Data Management Manage downloaded software, save data, and screenshots. 

  • Users Add or delete users.