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Splatoon Software Update: June 8 2016

A software update is now available that makes several adjustments to enhance the overall experience. Please start the game while your Wii U console is connected to the internet to update the software. The software version after this update will be 2.8.0, as shown in the screenshot below.

Update contents

New weapons and gear

  • Nine new weapons added, available in the weapon shop Ammo Knights

    • Please note: the new weapons and gear will appear in the shop following the release of the software update.

  • Two new kinds of gear added, available in the shop

Weapon and ability adjustments

  • Adjustments to main weapons, sub weapons and abilities.

Stage adjustments

  • Arowana Mall: Adjustments to prevent players from taking certain shortcuts in all modes.

  • Bluefin Depot: Fixed a problem where players could go inside a certain object in Rainmaker mode.

  • Camp Triggerfish: Adjustment for detecting when you have brought the Rainmaker too far back towards your own starting area

  • Piranha Pit: Adjustments to prevent players from taking certain shortcuts in all modes.

Fixes for issues in battles

  • Fixes an issue where players could jump higher than usual by touching an opponent's Splash Wall

Other changes

  • Introduces several enhancements to improve the user’s experience and enjoyment

Additional information

This update is required in order to play online.

Downloading updates will not affect any of your saved data.

Please note: up to 768 MB of available storage is required to perform this software update. Depending on the Wii U hardware pack you own and your use of it, an additional storage device may be required. Please visit our Storage section for details about additional storage devices.

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