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Software Displays “Purchased” in the Nintendo Switch eShop

The information in this article can help you when a specific game or DLC item displays as “Purchased” in the Nintendo eShop, but there is no option to redownload it.

When a game is listed as Purchased in the Nintendo eShop, it means the game has already been purchased by a Nintendo Account using the same Nintendo Switch console as their primary console.

What to do

  1. Scroll through the HOME Menu to see if the game is already downloaded to your system.

    • You may need to select All Software to view your full list of downloaded games.

  2. If the game is not appearing on the HOME Menu, it can be redownloaded at no cost using the same Nintendo Account that originally purchased the game.

    • To redownload the game, launch the Nintendo eShop using the Nintendo Account that originally purchased the game, select your user icon in the top-right corner to access the shop settings, and highlight Redownload. Select the game in the list of previously purchased titles, then select the orange icon to redownload.

    • If the game does not appear in the list of previously purchased titles, a different Nintendo Account was originally used to purchase the game. Try again with the other accounts on the system until you locate the one that was used to make the purchase.

Situation not resolved

If you wish to purchase the game using a different Nintendo Account, you will need to either deactivate the primary console of the Nintendo Account that owns the content or delete the user account that owns the content.

  • To deactivate the primary console, follow our steps for How to Deactivate a Nintendo Switch Console.

    • The owner of the Nintendo Account must enter their password to deactivate their primary console. No data is lost or deleted during this process.

  • To delete the user, follow our steps for How to Delete a User Account on Nintendo Switch.

    • All save data associated to the user account will be deleted.

    • The Nintendo Account will be unlinked, but it will not be deleted. Software purchased with the Nintendo Account cannot be played until the Nintendo Account is re-linked to a new user account.

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