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Save Data File is Missing After Transferring to a Nearby Console

The information in this article can help you when, after transferring a save data file to a nearby Nintendo Switch console, the save data file is not present on the target console.

  • Save data is transferred per software title and per user.

  • You cannot transfer multiple save files at once.

  • Once the save data transfer is completed, the save data file on the source console is deleted.

Possible solutions

  • On the target console, search in your Data Management for the correct user whose save data file you selected to transfer.

    If there are multiple users on the target console, each one may have their own save file for each game.

  • Search for the save file on the source console.

    If the save data transfer was not completed, or if it was interrupted, the save file may still be present on the source console. If it is available, try the transfer process again.