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Network Internet Connection Troubleshooting

Step-by-step instructions to confirm a wireless network is operating properly.

What to Do:

  1. Ensure that other wireless devices (a computer, tablet, laptop, etc.) can access the internet through your wireless network by visiting a few websites.

  2. If other devices fail to connect to the internet, check the cables attached to your modem and wireless router:

    • Ensure your modem is connected directly to your home's internet connection.

    • If separate from your modem, ensure an Ethernet cable is connected from your modem into your router's "WAN" or "Internet" port.

  3. Power cycle your modem and router for at least 30 seconds. Afterwards, try going online again with your internet-enabled devices to check whether your internet access was successfully restored.

Situation Not Resolved:

If all troubleshooting fails and no devices can connect to the internet, you will need to contact your network administrator, router manufacturer, or internet service provider for further assistance with your internet connection.

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