Nintendo Support

Managing Nintendo Network ID information

You can review and update your Nintendo Network ID information on either your Wii U console or Nintendo 3DS system at any time.

By following the steps below you can:

  • Update your registered email address

  • Edit personal information, such as region and time zone

  • Choose whether to receive occasional emails from Nintendo about new software and exclusive promotions

Reviewing Nintendo Network ID information with Wii U

  1. From the user selection screen, highlight the user.

  2. Select "User Settings".

  3. Select "View/Modify User Information".

  4. Select "Next" or press the A Button and enter the user's password.

  5. Select “Change Nintendo Network ID Settings”.

Reviewing Nintendo Network ID information with Nintendo 3DS Family System

  1. Access the Nintendo Network ID Settings.

  2. Select Profile Settings.

  3. Update the gender, region, time zone, and email address as needed.

    • You can view the birthdate and country, but these cannot be changed on the system.

  4. Select Done to confirm.