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How to Set the Primary Nintendo Switch Console for a Nintendo Account

Instructions on registering a Nintendo Switch console as the primary console for your Nintendo Account.

Additional Information:

  • Anyone that uses the primary console for your Nintendo Account can play the digital games that you’ve purchased with that Nintendo Account.


  • You can set one primary console per Nintendo Account.


  • When you sign in to your Nintendo Account on non-primary consoles, you will still be able to access digital games purchased with your Nintendo Account. However, other players will not be able to access your games on the non-primary console.

Complete These Steps:

  1. Once you have signed in with a Nintendo Account, the first Nintendo Switch console you use to access Nintendo eShop will automatically be designated as your primary console.


    • If you want to change your primary console, you can de-register the current primary console. The primary status will automatically be set to whichever console you next use to access Nintendo eShop.

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