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How to Report Profanity or Offensive Behaviour (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)

In this article, you'll learn how to report an inappropriate player or island name, bulletin board post, custom design, chat comment, or disruptive player behaviour in Animal Crossing: New HorizonsNote 

  • Multiplayer features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are restricted to players that share the same Nintendo Switch console, have been added to your Nintendo Switch Friends List, or that you share a specific code (Dodo Code) with outside of the game. 

  • If a player from another island is behaving inappropriately, you can remove them from your Friend List to block them from visiting your island again. 

  • If an animal resident has started saying an offensive catchphrase or nickname or if they are wearing an offensive custom design, the content was created by a player on the island. Follow our steps on How to Change an Animal Resident's Catchphrase, Nickname, or Attire. 

Complete these steps 

  1. Navigate to the appropriate area with the content that you want to report. 

    • To report content in a letter - open your mailbox and locate the letter you want to report. 

    • To report a bulletin board post - go to the Bulletin Board and select the post to report. 

    • To report content in another player's profile - at any point during an online session, press the (-) Button to call up the in-game menu. Select View another's passport and select the appropriate passport. 

    • To report a custom design in the tailor shop - locate the design in the tailor shop, then select the column and row where the design is located. 

    • To report a custom design in the design terminal - use the user ID or design ID to locate the offensive design. 

    • To report a chat message - access the NookPhone and select Chat Log. Scroll through the chat history until you find the message you want to report. 

    • To report another player's behaviour - at any point during an online session with the other player, press the (-) Button to call up the in-game menu. Select Report

  2. Once the correct content is selected, press the (-) Button to select Report.  

  3. Highlight the specific content to report if prompted, then select Report.

  4. Select the reason for your report, then select Next

  5. Add any additional details, then select Report