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How to Report Inappropriate Content (Super Mario Maker 2)

In this article, you'll learn how to report an inappropriate course, player name, or comment that a player has added to Super Mario Maker 2


  • Players can report inappropriate courses, comments, or player names that other players have added in Super Mario Maker 2’s Course World. 

  • Any content that violates Nintendo’s Code of Conduct will be deleted. 

Complete these steps 

  1. Launch the game and press the ZR and ZL Buttons simultaneously on the title screen. 

  2. Select Play, then select Course World from the main menu. 

    • A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to access the Course World. 

  3. Navigate to the appropriate area and select the Course, Maker Name, or Comment that you want to report. 

    • To report a Course – tap the name of the course to access the course details, then select Report

    • To report a Maker Name – open the Maker’s profile, then select Report Maker Name

    • To report a Comment – tap the name of the course to access the course details, then View Comments. Select Report at the bottom of the comm