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How to Receive a Mystery Gift (Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Pokémon Shining Pearl)

In this article, you'll learn how to receive gifts from the Mystery Gift feature of the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl.


  • Mystery Gift is a feature in the game that allows players to redeem download codes or connect to the Internet to receive special items or Pokémon as part of limited-time events and promotions.

  • The Mystery Gift feature must be unlocked by progressing to Jubilife City and speaking to the TV producer on the third floor. This occurs after about two hours of gameplay, though individual gameplay time may vary.

  • Once you have received a gift, it will appear in your bag, party, or Pokémon Storage System.

  • For information about current or upcoming Mystery Gift distributions, please visit

Complete these steps

  1. Launch Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Pokémon Shining Pearl from the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu.

  2. Press the X Button during gameplay to access the in-game menu.

  3. Select Mystery Gift.

Important: If you haven't unlocked the Mystery Gift feature yet, you must first do the following:

  • Enter the TV station in Jubilife City. This becomes accessible after about two hours of gameplay, though individual gameplay time may vary.

  • Talk to the TV producer on the third floor.

  • When asked about your favourite TV program, select "EVERYONE HAPPY WI-FI CONNECTION."

How do you want to receive the gift?


  1. Select Get via Internet then select Yes to continue. The game will connect to the Internet and search for any gifts that are currently available.

  2. Highlight the gift you want to receive and press the A Button to confirm.

  3. Watch as the gift arrives in your game and the game is saved automatically.

Download Code

  1. Select Get with Code/Password.

  2. Enter the code you received and select OK.

    • Pokémon will be added to your party or your Pokémon Storage System Boxes.

    • Items will appear in your Bag.

    • Be sure to save your game after receiving your gift.