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How to perform the system transfer

Please make sure your Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL has the latest system update installed.

You can see which version of the system software you have by accessing the System Settings and looking on the bottom right of the top screen.

Please note: If your Nintendo 3DS does not have system software version 3.0.0-5E or later please Click Here for instructions on how to perform a System Update.

Any photographs or sound files that you’d like to keep which are saved on the target system should be copied to the SD Card prior to transfer, or they will be deleted when the target system's memory is overwritten.

Both Internet communication and local wireless communication are used during the transfer process. Please ensure that you perform this process in a location where both Nintendo 3DS systems can be placed near to each other and where they may both access the Internet.

  1. From the HOME Menu on both systems, select "System Settings", then "Other Settings"

  2. Tap "System Transfer", followed by "Transfer between Nintendo 3DS Systems"

  3. Read the Terms of Use, and then touch "I Agree"

  4. On the source unit, select "Send from this System", and on the target unit, select "Receive from a Nintendo 3DS System"

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to carry out the transfer.

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