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How to Manually Enter Security Settings

Information on how to manually enter your network security information (WEP, WPA2-PSK, etc.) into the Nintendo Switch console.

Complete These Steps:

On a PC or smart device:

Locate the security type and wireless password for your router.

On the Nintendo Switch console:
  1. Go to System Settings and select “Internet”, then “Internet Settings”. Your Nintendo Switch console will automatically search for nearby Wi-Fi signals.

  2. Select your network from the list of networks located under “Registered Networks”.

  3. Select "Security".

  4. Select the matching security type: WEP (Open), WEP (Shared), WPA-PSK (AES), or WPA2-PSK (AES).

  5. Enter the wireless password exactly as it appears, paying close attention to any symbols, special characters or unusual capitalisation.

    • If you would like to view the password as you enter it, select "Show", located at the top of the on-screen keyboard.

  6. Select "OK" to save these settings.

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