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How to create a child account

Please follow these steps to create a child account.

You, as the child's parent or guardian, must already have a Nintendo Account. If you do not have a Nintendo Account yet, please create one for yourself first.

The user of the parent or guardian's Nintendo Account must be 18 or older. If you need to check the birth date set within a Nintendo Account, please sign in and check the birth date on the profile.

If you already have a Nintendo Account:  

  1. Sign in to your Nintendo Account.

  2. Select "Family Group", then "Add member", followed by "Create a child account". 

  3. Next, enter information for the child who will use the account. 

  4. After confirming the content, select OK.

If you do not already have a Nintendo Account:  

  1. Visit the Nintendo Account website

  2. Select "Create a Nintendo Account" and follow the instructions on screen. 

  3. After creating the parent or guardian's Nintendo Account, follow the instructions above to create a child account.

If a child attempts to create a Nintendo Account by inputting an age of 12 or younger, they are given the option to have an email sent to their guardian requesting that a child account be created. In that case, please use the link within the email, select "Create a Nintendo account", then follow the instructions on screen.

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