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How to Combine Multiple Nintendo Account Family Groups

Additional Information:

  • Within a family group:

  • All general accounts can leave and join a different group.

  • All supervised accounts (usually aged 12 and under) can be transferred directly to a different family group.

  • A family group can have to up 8 members.

  • Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership remains with the Nintendo Account that purchased the membership. It will always cover the purchaser’s current family group.

    • If the purchaser leaves or is moved from the family group, the other members of that original group will not have access to the service until they join a purchaser’s group.

Complete These Steps:

  1. Determine which Nintendo Account family group you want to move members to.

    • It is recommended that you use the family group that currently has the most members, so there are fewer members to move.

  2. First, move any supervised accounts from the old family group to the new family group.

    • You will need to either move or delete every supervised account within the old family group. The admin will not be able to join the new family group later if there are any supervised accounts still within their group.

    • The new family group admin will need to accept the transfer as part of the process.

  3. Next, remove any additional general accounts from the old family group.

  4. Finally, have the admin for the new family group invite all members of the old family group to their group.

  5. Once the members have accepted the invitation, they will all be included within the new family group and can be covered under the same Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership plan.