Nintendo Support

How to Attach/Detach and Wear the Joy-Con Strap

Always attach the Joy-Con strap accessories to the Joy-Con when using them as detached wireless controllers.

The Joy-Con strap accessories (model No. HAC-014) can be used on either Joy-Con controller (Left or Right).

To attach the Joy-Con strap to the Joy-Con controllers:

1. Make sure the Joy-Con straps are correctly oriented. To ensure the Joy-Con straps are positioned properly with the Joy-Con controllers, align the “-“ symbol on the left Joy-Con with the “-“ symbol on one of the Joy-Con straps. Then align the “+” symbol on the right Joy-Con with the “+” symbol on the other Joy-Con strap.

2. Attach the Joy-Con straps to the Joy-Con controllers. Use the rail on the side of the Joy-Con, and slide the Joy-Con strap from top to bottom until you hear a click.

To wear the Joy-Con strap:

  1. Place your hand through the wrist strap on the Joy-Con strap and hold the Joy-Con controller firmly in your hand.

2. Ensure the Slide Lock on the Joy-Con strap is in the lock position.  

3. Press down on the strap lock button and slide it towards your wrist to tighten the strap and prevent it from falling off your wrist.

  • Do not over-tighten the strap, as this may cause discomfort. 

How to detach the Joy-Con straps from the Joy-Con controllers:

  1. Ensure the slide lock at the bottom of the Joy-Con strap is in the “unlock” position.

2. Carefully slide the Joy-Con downward.

  • To detach the Joy-Con straps it is not necessary to press the release button on the back of the Joy-Con controller.