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How Long Will the Wii U GamePad Remain Charged?

  • The Wii U GamePad will remain charged for 3-5 hours.

  • Actual battery life depends on the screen brightness, the features used (such as the camera and microphone), wireless communication use, ambient temperature, and other factors.

  • If you are having trouble with battery life, try reducing the screen brightness or using Power-Saving Mode.

    1. From the Wii U Menu, press the HOME Button.

    2. Tap "Controller Settings" on the left.

    3. Tap "Settings" under Wii U GamePad.

    4. Adjust the screen brightness by tapping the + and - icons.

    5. When you are finished, tap "Back" or press the B Button.

    6. Tap "Back" or press the B Button to return to the HOME Menu.

    7. Tap "Close HOME Menu.

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