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HD Rumble Not Working Correctly or Not Working At All

The information below can help you when:

  • The HD rumble or controller vibration seems different in intensity between one Joy-Con and another, between two Pro Controllers or two Nintendo 64 Controllers, or between one game and another.

  • The HD rumble or controller vibration seems rather weak or the controller does not vibrate at all.

Note: When the Controller Vibration is first turned on, the controller used to activate this setting will momentarily vibrate. However, once activated, this setting will be enabled for all paired controllers.

What to do

  1. Ensure your console has the latest system update.

  2. Update the controller firmware.

  3. Check the battery level on the problematic controller and ensure it is charged.

  4. Reset the non-working controller by pressing the SYNC Button once.  Then press any other button to power on the controller again.

  5. Verify that the Controller Vibration is activated.

    • The vibration intensity may vary from one game to another and from one controller to another. This is normal and does not constitute an issue with this feature or with the controllers.

    • If the controller vibration seems significantly different in intensity between two Joy-Con controllers, or between two Pro Controllers, continue using the system for a few weeks and see if it interferes with your gameplay.

Situation not resolved

If the Joy-Con, Pro Controller, or Nintendo 64 Controller does not vibrate when the controller vibration is activated, or if there is a significant difference in intensity between controllers that interferes with your gameplay, please contact us.

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