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Funimation on Nintendo Switch

Applies to: Nintendo Switch Family, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite

The Funimation app for Nintendo Switch allows Funimation subscribers to enjoy their streaming content in both TV Mode and Handheld Mode on their Nintendo Switch system or in Handheld Mode on their Nintendo Switch Lite system.

How do I start a Funimation subscription on Nintendo Switch?

  1. Connect the Nintendo Switch system online, if it is not already.

  2. Open Nintendo eShop and download the Funimation app.

  3. Open the Funimation app from the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu.

  4. Select Start Free Trial if you are not currently subscribed to Funimation.

    • If you already have a Funimation subscription, follow our steps on how to log in to your Funimation account on Nintendo Switch, below. 

  5. Select Subscribe On Device to create an account and sign up for a subscription directly on your Nintendo Switch system.

    • Selecting Subscribe Via Website will prompt you to visit to create an account and sign up for a subscription. 

  6. Select a monthly or yearly payment plan for the Premium Plus Funimation subscription.

  7. Enter your e-mail address, then select Next.

  8. Enter a password, then select Next.

  9. Enter your credit card information, then select Continue.

    • The first payment will occur after your 14-day trial ends.

    • Payments are made to Funimation and not through Nintendo eShop. For subscription support, contact Funimation

  10. Enter your billing address, then select Start My Free Trial.

  11. Browse or search for your favourite shows!