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Error codes: 2002-4301 to 2002-4500


  • This error code is received when powering up the Nintendo Switch console, or while performing a User Data Transfer.

  • Error Codes: 2002-4301 to 2002-4500. 

During a user data transfer

What to Do
  1. After the User Transfer has been suspended, on the source console, check for corrupt data.

  2. If error code 2002-4315 is displayed, power off the console, then initialise Nintendo Switch without deleting save data.

  3. After initializing the console, try to transfer the User Account again.

Situation Not Resolved

If the errors persists, the source console may need to be inspected. Please contact our Customer Support.

At start up or while using amiibo

Restart the console by holding down the POWER Button for three seconds, then select "Power Options" > "Restart."

  • If Nintendo Switch is not responding, hold down the POWER Button for twelve seconds to force the console to shut down, then power it back it on.

Is the error displayed again after restarting the console?
Situation Not Resolved

If the error persists with multiple supported microSD cards, or when downloading directly to the system memory, the Nintendo Switch console may need to be inspected. For testing purposes include one or two of the problematic cards with the. Please contact our Customer Support.

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