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Error Code: 2813-2473

The information in this article can help you if you are unable to make a purchase in Nintendo eShop and receive the error code 2813-2473 and the message "3-D Secure authentication failed. Please check the entered information and try again".

Additional Information:

These errors indicate that the transaction was refused by the card-issuing company due to an identity authentication (3D Secure authentication) verification error. The identity authentication information may be different from the information registered by the card company.

Possible Solutions:

  • Verify your credit card information and try entering it again.

  • Try using a different credit or debit card.

  • As an alternative, you can add funds using Nintendo eShop Cards.

  • Link a PayPal account to your Nintendo Account and make purchases through PayPal using the payment method you've chosen.

Situation Not Resolved:

Contact your bank or the credit card issuer for further assistance.