Nintendo Support

Error Code: 2813-0055


You are unable to redeem a download code and you receive the error code 2813-0055.

Additional Info:

  • If you receive this error code, it indicates the software you are attempting to redeem a download code for has not yet been officially released for purchase on Nintendo eShop.

  • Different software titles may become available at different times of day on their release dates.

  • You can determine if the game is available for purchase by checking the game's software information page in Nintendo eShop. If it is available for purchase, then the download code should be redeemable for the game.

  • Nintendo Switch Online prepaid codes can be redeemed in Nintendo eShop for the country where it was purchased.

What to Do:

Are You Trying to Redeem a Download Code for a Game or for a Nintendo Switch Online Membership?
  • Nintendo Switch Online Membership:

    1. Verify that your Nintendo Account is set to the correct country, then try to redeem the code.

    2. If the error code persists, please contact us for support.

  • Game:

    • A download code can only be redeemed using a Nintendo Account with the same as the region where the download code was purchased. (For example, a code sold for use in Japan can only be redeemed with a Nintendo Account also set to Japan.)

      • If you are attempting to use a download code from a different region (a European download code with an Australian Account, for example), the download code will not work.

      • If you are attempting to use a download code from the same region as your Nintendo Account, this may be due to the game not yet being released. If this is the case, wait until the official release time and then try again.

  • Situation Not Resolved:

    • If the software title you are attempting to redeem has already been released on Nintendo eShop and is available for purchase, but you are still unable to redeem your download code, please contact us for additional assistance.