Nintendo Support

Error Code: 2110-3400


You are unable to connect your Nintendo Switch console to a wired or wireless network and receive the error code 2110-3400.

Additional Information:

  • This error code indicates the Internet connection you are attempting to use likely requires some type of authentication through a web browser (such as agreeing to terms of service or entering a username and password). 

  • Internet connections that require authentication through a web browser are more common when using public hotspots, such as at a hotel or cafe. 

What to Do:

Prior to connecting online with a network that requires authentication through a web browser, you will need to connect to a network that does not require this type of authentication and update your Nintendo Switch console to system menu version 2.0.0 or higher.

Once this update is complete, in most situations you will be prompted with the appropriate authentication page the next time you attempt to create an Internet connection that requires additional authentication.

Situation Not Resolved:

If you are still unable to connect, this may indicate the network you are attempting to use is not configured correctly or does not support the Nintendo Switch console.

If you would like additional assistance with connecting to the network, contact the network administrator for further information on the network, or please contact Nintendo Customer Service.