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Bluetooth® Audio Device Repeatedly Connects/Disconnects from the Console

The information in this article can help if a Bluetooth® audio device you have saved to your Nintendo Switch console repeatedly disconnects and reconnects during use. 

What to do 

  1. Update your console to the latest system version

  2. Restart the console by holding down the POWER Button for three seconds, then selecting Power Options and Restart

  3. Power off your Bluetooth audio device and then power it on again. Ensure it is sufficiently charged. 

    • Follow the instructions for your specific Bluetooth audio device to enable it to be connected again. 

  4. Make sure you are not using local wireless features, such as local multiplayer across multiple systems. Bluetooth audio cannot be used at the same time as local wireless communication. 

  5. Make sure that no more than two wireless controllers are paired to the console. Up to two wireless controllers can be paired while using a Bluetooth audio device. 

  6. Move your Bluetooth audio device closer to your Nintendo Switch console and ensure that there is no metal or electronic equipment between the audio device and the console or surrounding the console. 

  7. Return to the Bluetooth Audio settings in System Settings and select your device’s name, then select Remove Device. This will remove the device from the console so that you can add it again. 

  8. Select Add Device to search for your Bluetooth audio device again. Select your device’s name when it is found. 

  9. Continue playing to see if the issue is resolved. 

If the issue persists, follow any troubleshooting steps recommended by the device manufacturer. 

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, connect to a different Bluetooth audio device using our pairing steps and determine if the issue occurs.

Does the issue occur with a different Bluetooth audio device?
  • Yes: If the issue occurs with all Bluetooth audio devices, then the Nintendo Switch console may need to be inspected. Please click here to contact us for further support.

  • No: If another Bluetooth audio device stays connected, then there may be an issue with the original device. Please continue to use the working device and be sure to check out Nintendo website for all the latest news.

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