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Best Practices on Printing Replacement Gates or Arrow Markers

In this article, you'll learn the best practices to print and replace any damaged or lost gates or arrow markers used for the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit set.


  • This software can only recognize one set of 4 gates. If additional gates are set up on the course, they will not be recognized. 

Best Practices

  • The gates and arrow markers work best when printing the images using A4 size paper at 100 % scale. 

  • Ensure to print and attach the images to the gates of the same pattern. Attaching a printed image to the incorrect gate may cause the gate not to be recognized. 

  • When attaching the printed image to the gate or arrow marker, avoid using glossy tape, colored tape, or tape with patterns on it. You can use a dab of glue or double-sided tape. 

  • When attaching the printed image, ensure it is placed correctly. If the image is upside down, the gate may not be recognized. 

What to do

Click on this link to view the gates and arrow markers in a web browser. You can then print them at your convenience.