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The information in this article can help you when you receive error code 2123-1502 when connecting to the Internet, downloading software, or launching downloadable software.

Possible solutions

  • Attempt the Download Again

  1. Select OK to close the error message.

  2. A message indicating that the download stopped because an error has occurred may appear. Select Continue to attempt the download again.

  3. If the same error code appears again, please try continuing the download a few more times.

  4. When the message "Downloading data..." appears, the download should complete normally.

  • Restart the Nintendo Switch console.

To restart the console, press the POWER Button for three seconds, and then select Power Options, followed by Turn Off. When the console has turned off, press the POWER button to turn it back on again.

  • Test your Internet connection

Test your Internet connection to ensure that your Nintendo Switch is still connected to the Internet. 

  • Create a new Internet connection.

Set up a new Internet connection, ensuring that you are attempting to connect to the correct network, and that you are receiving a strong wireless signal from the network. 

  • Manually enter an alternate DNS.

If the DNS you are attempting to use is not working, entering an alternate DNS may resolve this issue.


  • The following are public DNS provided by Google and are subject to Google's Terms of Service. If you prefer to not use this service, doing an Internet search for public DNS will provide you with several other options you can use.

  • If you wish to use your own DNS servers, you may do so by entering in the DNS servers found in your network settings.

Complete these steps

  1. Select Settings from the HOME Menu of your Nintendo Switch console.

  2. Select Internet, and then Internet Settings. Your Nintendo Switch will automatically search for nearby Wi-Fi signals.

  3. Select your network from the list of networks located under Registered Networks.

  4. Select Change Settings, then scroll down and select DNS Settings.

  5. Select Manual.

  6. Select Primary DNS, and then hold down the B Button to delete the DNS (it defaults to zeros).

  7. Enter as the primary DNS, and then select OK.

  8. Select Secondary DNS, and then hold down the B Button to delete the existing DNS.

  9. Enter as the secondary DNS, and then select OK.

  • Connect to the Internet at a different location or access point.


Situation not resolved

This may be related to a temporary network issue. Please wait a while and try again at a later time.