Nintendo Support

2002-2629 - 2002-2669

You are unable to start a game and an error message is displayed, "Unable to access game card."

What to Do:

  • Check the game card, and then try to start the game again.

    1. Power off the console and remove the game card. 

    2. Verify that the game card is compatible with Nintendo Switch and that there are no visible signs of damage. 

    3. Reinsert the game card and power on the console. 

    4. Attempt to start the game or software application. 

  • Ensure the system has been updated to the latest system version.

    Start a system update to ensure your console has been updated to the latest version. 

  • Try starting a second game on the console.

    Testing a second game will allow you to see if the error code occurs when using a different game. 

Situation Not Resolved:

Does this error occur with one or multiple games?

Only one game

If this error occurs with only one game, and other games work, the game that produces this error will need to be repaired.

Multiple/all games

If this error occurs with all games, the console will need to be repaired.

To organise your product to be returned or if you require further assistance with the Nintendo Switch console, please contact Nintendo Consumer Support.