Research Lab

Check out our fresh 101 article for the new squids in town

Read the latest in splat science from the hard-working research team dedicated to the study of all things Inkling.


Research indicates that these are the Ruins of Ark Polaris.

This ominous location will be the final new stage for Salmon Run shifts.


The latest Kensa Collection weapons have arrived!

First off, the Kensa Splattershot Jr. features the new Torpedo sub weapon so you can hunt down your opponents, and the Bubble Blower special weapon so you can hold your ground!

Next up, it’s the Kensa Octobrush! Paint the town red (or more accurately, your team’s ink color), with this new brush! It features the Suction Bomb sub weapon and the new Ultra Stamp special weapon!

Looking for an extra stylish way to splat your opponents? Check out the Kensa Undercover Brella! This one features the new Torpedo sub weapon and the Ink Armor special weapon.

Last but not least, it’s the Kensa L-3 Nozzlenose. This triple-burst shooter gets the Splash Wall sub weapon and the new Ultra Stamp special weapon.


Update Ver.4.2.0 has come to Splatoon 2! This update includes the 3rd set of Kensa Collection weapons, the new Ultra Stamp and Torpedo weapons, and gameplay changes. 

More version updates are planned even after Ver.4.2.0, and we’ll keep you posted on these.


Good news, we’ve also received this video of the new Torpedo sub weapon in action! We’re excited to see what kind of data further field tests will provide once it’s available!


We’ve just received a fresh report about a new sub weapon called the Torpedo. When thrown near an enemy it changes shape and targets the foe, exploding on impact and splatting ink everywhere. Torpedoes thrown by opponents can be shot down with your attack.


From November 1st, The Reef will be closed for a short while due to repair work. During construction, the stage will not be available in Regular, Ranked, and League Battles. We expect construction to be complete by Thursday, November 8th. We apologize for the inconvenience during this construction work and thank you for your cooperation.


One of our interns just uploaded this video of the Ultra Stamp being tested in the firing range. This new special weapon will become available in the Ver. 4.2.0 update, scheduled for approximately Thursday, Nov. 8th. We’ll continue to bring you our new findings.


We just uncovered more details about an upcoming new special weapon! The Ultra Stamp lets players attack with an enormous hammer. Pressing and holding the ZR button allows you to advance while striking with the hammer! It looks like you can guard ink attacks coming from the front, but your back is exposed.

If you press the ZR button while you’re in the air, the Ultra Stamp will flip vertically so you can attack opponents mid-air. You can also throw the stamp with the R button to attack a distant opponent! Of course, throwing away your special weapon will end your attack. 


With a 2-1 win, Team Treat enjoys the sweet taste of victory! Thanks to everyone who participated in this special spooky Splatoween Splatfest, and don’t forget to pick up your Super Sea Snails!


Here’s a sneak peak at the decorative new Shifty Station stage making its debut in this weekend’s Splatoween Splatfest!