$¢arthAce – 2017 AUNZ Splatoon Cup Grand Final runner-up team – share advice in this fresh Q&A session!

$¢arthAce – 2017 AUNZ Splatoon Cup Grand Final runner-up team – share advice in this fresh Q&A session!

Splatoon Q&A with 2017 AUNZ Splatoon Cup Grand Final runner-up team, $¢arthAce


Learn more about the epic contenders of the April 29th 2017 AUNZ Splatoon Cup Grand Final – in two exclusive Q&A interviews with Blue Ringed Octolings and $¢arthAce!    

In this Q&A interview, we fired some Splatoon questions at $¢arthAce, and here’s what they had to say…

$¢arthAce are:

Scarth (Auckland)
jafa (Auckland)
Spaceman (Sydney)
Sicky (Sydney)

What was your first experience with the Splatoon series?

Spaceman: I remember staying up until the early hours of the morning during 2014's E3 to catch Nintendo's presentation. I fondly recall being sleep deprived, but mostly mesmerised by what felt like a completely unique shooter with vibrant coloured paints just being splattered all over the place. I needed more. Within the few days of that first experience I bought a Wii U with the sole intention of playing Splatoon, about a year ahead of its release.

What do you like most about Splatoon?

Scarth: Ink mechanic used as a very tangible form of map control. I also like the variety of clothing available and appreciate how it’s based off real world clothing.

Spaceman: A E S T H E T I C S. Along with those vibrant, contrasting colours being splatted around each match, I find the huge variety of clothing, weapon and character designs, and world/stage settings all very appealing to me. Quite possibly the biggest draw to Splatoon for me though was its likening to my all-time favourite game series, Jet Set Radio. Both games give me a very similar vibe aesthetically. Even when playing them both I feel that I'm just some rebellious kid (or squid), hanging out in some part of futuristic Tokyo, getting up to all kinds of mischief (primarily involving aggravated painting), with this punk-y, new age soundtrack to match. Playing Splatoon for the first few times really felt like some kind of nostalgia trip. That being said, I would not have sunk over 1000 hours into this game were it not for the timeless gameplay too.


What would be your advice for newcomers to the Splatoon series?


jafa: For any new Splatoon players, I'd just simply say give every weapon a go and spend some time with ones you feel suit your natural play style. For anyone newcomers looking to use a charger, all I can say is practise, practise, practise. Oh, and don't give up – the game is very teammate dependent so you might not get the win even if you are playing well yourself.

Sicky: My advice would be to give each class of weapons a fair go, there may be something that you use a lot better than anything else. I didn't begin using blasters until nine months after I first played Splatoon, and prior to that I struggled to be consistently good with a myriad of weapons. Once I started using blasters, something just clicked and I knew I'd found the right ones (Luna Blaster Neo and Custom Range Blaster).

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What's your weapon of choice and why?


jafa: My weapon of choice would have to be the Wasabi Splattershot or the Tentatek Splattershot depending on what specials I feel like going with. Reasons for why I like these weapons would have to be that they are true all-round weapons – mid-range shooters with a good TTK and turf coverage. They allow me to play in a more aggressive play style as well.



What's your personal go-to strategy when you're playing Splatoon with your friends?


Spaceman: While it is important to paint the zone, jump on the tower and grab the Rainmaker, I admittedly don't do all of this fundamental stuff enough whenever I play with my friends. I tend to prioritise getting splats with my hyper aggressive play style much more than I probably should be. Flanking into enemy ink to come up with a double, triple or quad splat is just about the most satisfying thing you can achieve in this game (when it does actually pay off, that is).

Sicky: My favourite strategy and the one I use most often is to "buddy up." Going alone in Splatoon is just not ideal because each confrontation plays like a rock-paper-scissors between your weapon and someone else's. Taking a buddy with you can cover your weaknesses and help you take down opponents that would otherwise counter you easily. It also makes it harder for the enemy to splat you without getting splatted by your teammate.


Do you have any advice for players who are trying to get better at Splatoon?


Sicky: Try to spend 15 minutes warming up in the test area before you start playing Ranked each day, work out some drills that improve your aim and strafing. Also, watch S+ Splatoon streamers/Youtubers that use your weapons and learn some of their tactics/tricks for using the weapon by observing (e.g. long-range shooters: ThatSRB2Dude; blasters: Penguitt; chargers: Rezbit, Manabe, etc.)

Spaceman: Experimenting and trying out different weapons all the time I feel is pretty necessary for getting good at Splatoon, especially considering Splatoon's HUGE array of weapons. Not only may you find that overlooked weapon with a specific loadout which completely resonates with you, it should also help you find out what certain weapons' weaknesses are and how to better deal with them.

Did you have any close calls in Heat 1 or Heat 2? What happened?


Scarth: We lost a total of one game by one point in Heat 2 to Blue Ringed Octolings on Tower Control at Mahi-Mahi Resort. We weren't able to jump on the tower and survive long enough during their final push to eight which involved chained Krakens despite making a strong push to nine earlier in the game. Although my team had good positioning (Spaceman in particular), Blue Ringed Octolings outcoordinated us overall in that match. The Arowana Mall - Rainmaker game was also very tight - neither team had that strong of a push and I failed to grab the Rainmaker – my fault entirely – at one point that would have secured us the game there. Blue Ringed Octolings panicked at the end of that game and picked up the Rainmaker, allowing us another chance to push, which won us the game in overtime. My teammate Sicky tanked a sniper shot for me, allowing me to take the lead.

Spaceman: While we may look pretty clean on paper, $¢arthAce had plenty of close calls throughout Heat 2 and a couple of times in Heat 1. One that particularly comes to mind was in Heat 2 somewhere against Hayley's Comets on Tower Control at Bluefin Depot. It felt like they were wiping the floor with us by dominating turf control, getting all the splats and therefore boasting a fairly solid lead. We somehow managed to form a push out of nothing using no specials in the dying seconds out of sheer desperation. All I can remember after the big confrontation happened was gracefully descending onto the tower uncontested to give us the win with about one second left on the clock. Needless to say, we were stoked.

Sicky: Yes we did, and they both came against Blue Ringed Octolings in the Winner’s Final. In the second match (Tower Control at Mahi-Mahi Resort), we tried unsuccessfully to defend against their overtime push. But their combination of two Krakens on the tower, one in our base keeping us occupied and the ink strike to stop us from jumping on the tower gave them the victory. But we took revenge in the next game (Arowana Mall - Rainmaker). Both teams had barely pushed the Rainmaker past 70 points and Blue Ringed Octolings were in the lead with 20 seconds to go. They made the mistake of picking up the Rainmaker and camping behind a Splash Wall: one of my teammates got a bomb on the wall and took out three of them, leaving only Latias (charger) alive. She had her laser on my teammate with the Rainmaker, so I jumped in between the laser and she sniped me instead, saving the Rainmaker. My teammates then got the lead and we eventually won the set 4-1.



Who has been the toughest team you've faced so far, and why?


Spaceman: My old team, those wretched Blue Ringed Octolings. We've already versed them in the Winner's Final and let me tell you, that was no easy match by a long shot. They're good, I know for a fact they're good, now my whole team knows for a fact they're good, and they're out for revenge at the Grand Final for those games we so narrowly took from them.

Sicky: Blue Ringed Octolings, mostly because their charger Latias was on fire during Heat 2 and they tend to stack a lot of Krakens (two to three per game) which makes it hard to securely splat them and push the objective in Tower Control and Rainmaker. I'm looking forward to our rematch in the Grand Final.

Can you share a Splatoon-related accomplishment or experience that you are proud of?


Spaceman: I made it to around 10th place in the Top 100 list during one of the final Splatfests, largely because the theme was World vs. Space. I figured it was my divine duty to uphold my username as THE Spaceman by solidifying my name somewhere on that list (and of course, to honour the truly best squid sister – Marie, as usual).

Sicky: In my first competitive tournament (Booyah Battle 3), I played for SND and we upset a team known as On The Blink thanks to a one point overtime victory in Urchin Underpass Tower Control. I went 16-4 and scored two clean wipes (eight splats in a row) of the enemies on our final push using the Regular Sploosh-o-matic.

Scarth: I’m a past member of Splatoon teams Meme Containment Unit, JFG and Black Paper, and have run a number of successful online tournaments.

What are you most looking forward to in Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch?


jafa: I am most looking forward to seeing how the completely new specials change the way that players from Splatoon approach the game.

Sicky: A better local co-op mode and the spectator mode. Commentary is something that I thoroughly enjoyed doing in Splatoon, and I look forward to being able to switch (pun intended) perspectives on the fly and do it with one other person.

Give us a fresh fact about yourself…


Sicky: I am a fairly calculated and analytical player... this is because I'm an accounting student with a lot of business experience. I tend to be a very fast and decisive thinker and my sense of humour is a tad clumsy because of my serious attitude. I always give 110% and am looking forward to graduating and enjoying Splatoon 2 to the fullest.

Spaceman: My main hobbies other than video games include gardening, jamming with friends on guitar and attending local gigs.

jafa: My favourite food is ramen (well, any noodle dish to be honest!).

Scarth: I am a hobbyist photographer.

That’s a wrap!

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Congratulations to both teams on making it through to the Grand Final of the 2017 AUNZ Splatoon Cup – it’s a testament to your inking skills and fresh teamwork.



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