Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Also includes: USB charging cable

A wireless controller with the form factor of a traditional controller, comfortable and great for gaming for long periods of time in TV mode and tabletop mode.

Capture Button

Takes a screenshot during play

HOME Button

Suspends the current software and opens the HOME Menu. The HOME Button blinks when you have a notification.

L Button

R Button

- Button

+ Button

Left Stick

Functions as a button when pressed down.

A/B/X/Y Buttons

+Control Pad

Right Stick

Functions as a button when pressed down.

NFC touchpoint

You can touch amiibo here to read and write data to them.

USB Type-C connector

You can use the enclosed USB charging cable to pair the controller with the console or to charge it. You can also connect it directly to an AC adapter.

SYNC Button

Used to pair the controller and reset the wireless connection with the console.

ZR Button

ZL Button

Recharge LED

Lights up when the controller is charging.

Player LED

Located on the bottom of the controller. It indicates your player number.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

106mm x 152mm x 60mm
Approx. 246g
  • Left Stick
  • Right Stick
  • A/B/X/Y/L/R/ZL/ZR Buttons
  • + Button/- Button
  • +Control Pad
  • HOME Button
  • Capture Button
  • SYNC Button
Connectivity functions
Bluetooth 3.0, NFC (near-field communication)
Accelerometer, gyroscope
Vibration feature
HD rumble
Capable of varied and precise vibrations.
USB connector
USB Type-C connector
Used for charging the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
Internal battery
Lithium ion battery [CTR-003]
Capacity: 1300 mAh
Battery life
Approx. 40 hours
Please note: this is the estimated battery life. This may vary depending on the usage conditions.
Charging time
Approx. 6 hours
Please note: charge with the AC adapter [HAC-002(AUS)] or the enclosed USB charging cable.
Technical specifications

Joy-Con charging grip

Also includes: USB charging cable

Attach Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R) to this charging grip and use it like a traditional controller.
Unlike the Joy-Con grip bundled with the Nintendo Switch system, the Joy-Con charging grip can recharge the Joy-Con while you play, so you never have to worry about running out of power.

USB Type-C connector

Connect USB charging cable or AC adapter.

Player LED

Indicates the player number for each Joy-Con.

Recharge LED

Lights up when the Joy-Con are charging.


Used for attaching the Joy-Con to the accessory.

Strap attachment

Joy-Con charging grip

101mm x 144mm x 40.1mm
USB connector
USB Type-C connector
Used to charge attached Joy-Con.
Technical specifications

Nintendo Switch Carrying Case & Screen Protector

A bundle that includes a carrying case for your Nintendo Switch console and a screen protector for the console's screen. Also includes an organising pad where you can store five Nintendo Switch game cards and two Joy-Con straps. The case can also be used as a stand for the console.

Joy-Con Wheel Pair

Joy-Con Wheel Pair

Please note: Joy-Con not included.

Attach a Joy-Con to this controller to experience getting behind the wheel. It's a great way to enjoy racing games. You can attach either the left or right Joy-Con to the controller.

Joy-Con Pair

Please note: the Nintendo Switch system comes bundled with a Joy-Con (L) and a Joy-Con (R).

L Grey
R Grey
L Neon red
R Neon blue

Also includes: 2 x Joy-Con straps (grey)

This is a set of a Joy-Con (L) and a Joy-Con (R) with two Joy-Con straps (grey).
Depending on the game, players can use multiple sets of Joy-Con to play on one Nintendo Switch console with a larger group of people.

Please note: in addition to Joy-Con sets, you can also purchase Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R) separately.
Joy-Con (L)
L Grey
Joy-Con (R)
R Grey

Also includes: 1 x Joy-Con strap (grey)

Joy-Con strap

Please note: the Nintendo Switch system comes bundled with two Joy-Con straps (grey).

Joy-Con strap Grey
Joy-Con strap Neon red
Neon red*
Joy-Con strap Neon blue
Neon blue*

By attaching the Joy-Con strap to your wrist when you play, you can hold the Joy-Con more easily and control games more comfortably.
Each Joy-Con strap is compatible with both Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R).

*Limited stock, available online only

Nintendo Switch AC adapter

Please note: the Nintendo Switch system comes bundled with one AC adapter.

Nintendo Switch AC adapter

An AC adapter that can connect directly to the Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo Switch dock or the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand.

Nintendo Switch dock set

Please note: the Nintendo Switch system comes bundled with each of these items.

Nintendo Switch dock set

A set that includes a Nintendo Switch dock, a Nintendo Switch AC adapter and an HDMI cable (1.5m).
Great to have if you'd like to enjoy TV mode in different locations, such as on a TV in a different room in your house.

Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

This adjustable charging stand for the Nintendo Switch system makes playing in Tabletop mode easier than ever. With a handy port for an AC adapter* on the side, the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand allows the Nintendo Switch system to be charging while in Tabletop mode, enabling longer play sessions.

The angle of the stand can also be adjusted to create the best viewing angle for different environments.

*AC adapter not included