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Splatoon 3’s Side Order - Would you like Tips with that?

28 March 2024

Ladies and gentlesquids, as you may know, Side Order is the second wave of the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass DLC. It adds a brand-new single-player campaign that’s designed to be played again and again, just like spinning your favourite beats on repeat.

The goal is to make your way up the Spire of Order; however, each floor gets increasingly tough, but don't worry—you’ll get stronger too. With each attempted run, you'll acquire more Prlz (pronounced ‘pearlz’) to spend on permanent upgrades to help make the next run a little easier. So, losing is still winning!

You'll need every edge you can get if you want to survive to the 30th floor of the Spire of Order, that’s why we’ve put together a few helpful tips to prepare you for your epic ascension.

1. Stack the odds in your favour.

If splatting enemies head-on isn’t your thing, try earning color chips that do things like increase the number of Lucky Bombs enemies drop, slow down and damage enemies on your ink, or that make Pearl Drone splat the Jelletons for you.

2. Make use of vending machines.

When a vending machine appears, you can select it to skip a floor without having to fight. Here you can also use Membux to buy lives if you’re running low, as well as color chips, sub weapons and special weapons.

3. Spend Prlz for permanent upgrades.

Speak to Marina outside the Spire of Order to spend Prlz on permanent upgrades for your next run, such as more lives or reduced damage from enemies. The more you play, the more upgrades become available to unlock!

4. Spend Membux for temporary benefits.

Membux are awarded to Agent 8 while traversing the Spire of Order and can be spent at vending machines. After unlocking certain upgrades, Membux can also be used to purchase a continue when all lives are lost, skip a floor, reset the upcoming floor, or reset vending machine offerings. Finally, for every 100 Membux left over after each run, you’ll receive one Prlz.

5. Experiment with Palettes.

Unlock Palettes to change up the main weapon available within the Spire of Order. You might even receive a nice surprise if you clear the Spire of Order with different Palettes.

6. If all else fails, retreat!

When Agent 8’s armor breaks, try and flee any encroaching enemies and wait for it to regenerate. You can also spend Prlz on permanent upgrades to increase Agent 8’s speed or launch them into the air whenever their defences are compromised.

7. Keep at it!

Keep ascending those floors, earn Membux and Prlz, and strengthen your abilities. The Spire of Order is designed to be replayed over and over and you’ll hopefully get a little further every time.

8. Inkopolis Square is back in fashion.

Clear all 30 floors of the Spire of Order to unlock Inkopolis Square - a vibrant city hub from the Splatoon 2 game. If you head to Inkopolis Square during Splatfest events, you’ll even find Off the Hook putting on a showstopping performance.

9. Side Order isn’t over yet!

Once you’ve beaten all 30 floors within the Spire of Order, it doesn’t mean the DLC is over. Can you complete each of the following objectives?

  • Visit the new Cipher's Siftings to exchange Prlz for exclusive gear, banners and more.

  • Complete a run with each Palette.

  • Obtain every color chip.

  • Fill out the Jelleton Field Guide.

  • Open every Locker.

  • Max out all of Marina’s upgrades.

Side Order is a fun, challenging way to level up your Splatoon skills, for newcomers and veterans alike.

To learn more or purchase the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass – Inkopolis & Side Order paid DLC, please click the link below.

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