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MONSTER HUNTER RISE™ - Hunter’s Handbook

15 April 2021

Are you new to the Monster Hunter series, but you’re not sure where to start? Lucky for you, not only is the latest instalment MONSTER HUNTER RISE the perfect entry point, but you also have this helpful Hunter’s Handbook at your disposal. Keep reading for 5 quick tips that will have you hunting like a pro in no time!

Sample a host of weapons to find one that suits your play style

Selecting the right weapon can seem a little daunting when you first look at MONSTER HUNTER RISE’s 14 different weapon types. Whether you prefer close combat with melee weapons or attacking from a distance with ranged weapons, a good rule of thumb to remember is:

  • The bigger the weapon, the stronger it is, but that comes at the cost of speed .

  • Smaller weapons are generally faster and easier to get more hits in before you need to dodge or block incoming attacks.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to weapon selection. However, if you want to try a different weapon or swap your armour, you can change it anytime – even during a hunt!

In the demo, you can select the weapon before the hunt.

In the full game, you can change your weapon at the red chests located in multiple places like Your Room, Steelworks, Gathering Hub, Hub Prep Area, Training Grounds and in the Tent during a hunt. Select the chest and go to Manage Equipment to change any weapons and armour.

BONUS TIP – There are a variety of Gyro settings available in Monster Hunter Rise that make shooting weak points with ranged weapons easier. Gyro controls enable you to physically tilt the controller to aim faster and more naturally.

Don’t be intimidated by combat

Once you’ve settled on a weapon, you might be wondering ‘How do I use it?’. Your attacks will vary depending on what weapon you use, but the basics are generally the same. Let’s use the Sword & Shield as an example:

Press X to chop downwards or A to slash horizontally. Attacks can also be combined, so pressing the attack buttons in quick succession is an easy way to figure out your favourite move combinations.

Learning by doing is a great way to play. However, if you prefer a detailed control guide for advanced combos, check out the Weapon Controls guide in game (accessed through Hunter’s Notes):

Press Plus (+) to open menu > Press the R button twice to show Info menu > Select ‘Hunter’s Notes’ > Select ‘Weapon Controls’

Additionally, in the full game you can access the Training Grounds from Kamura Village, which is a great space to test out different weapons before taking on real monsters.

When you’re ready to commence a hunt, remember each monster has its own patterns of attack and movement, so watch closely to find an opening. Also try to hit different parts of a monster’s body to figure out how to deal the most damage.

As you become more familiar with combat, you will learn more advanced combos to master your weapon. However, learning complex combos is not a necessity in toppling a monster!

Above all else, remember this: Press the B Button to dodge.

Learn your own way

MONSTER HUNTER RISE has a lot of features and options, which are explained thoroughly in tutorial screens. If you’re someone who learns by doing, once you exit the tutorial window you will be prompted in-game to try out what you learned.

Most abilities and techniques are introduced gradually throughout the game via Village Quests. So, if you want to master the base mechanics, just progress through them at your own pace. There are Training Quests in the demo, which are also expanded in the full game.

Familiarise yourself with recharging abilities.

Wirebugs and Stamina need to recharge, so be aware of their limits (and ways to increase them!)

Wirebugs are a new mechanic in MONSTER HUNTER RISE and enable you to launch yourself around incredibly quickly, which is handy for navigating the environment and nimbly dodging foes.

To use a Wirebug:

Hold down the ZL Trigger button > press X to pull your Hunter up into the air > or A to launch your Hunter forwards. This is called a Wiredash. Spend a bit of time practicing and you’ll master it in no time.

Keep in mind that you only have two Wirebug uses before they need to recharge for a few seconds! They don’t degrade (so you never need to replace them) but they do deplete, so knowing when best to use them is key. You can also pick up wild Wirebugs out in the field to get a temporary extra Wirebug to use, which is incredibly helpful if you’re preparing for a big encounter…

Stamina: Your stamina shrinks over time as your hunter gets hungry (the longer the mission, the more it depletes), so be sure to consume some food or rations regularly to replenish it and stock up on supplies if you’re heading out on a long hunt!

Play locally or online with friends…or find some new friends to hunt with!

Multiplayer in MONSTER HUNTER RISE is a cooperative experience, and a good team of Hunters can make all the difference.

You can play multiplayer a couple of ways, locally or online:

  • Local Play – Means a group 2-4 people in the same room, each with their own Nintendo Switch console and a copy of MONSTER HUNTER RISE connecting via local wireless (no internet connection required!)

  • Online Play – Means playing online with other MONSTER HUNTER RISE players anywhere in the world. This requires an internet connection and Nintendo Switch Online membership.

If you’re playing the Demo, you can create or find a ‘lobby’, which is a space for up to 4 Hunters to gather whether you’re in local or online. Once everyone is in the lobby, you can begin the mission. This is a simplified version of the full game’s multiplayer, as you only complete selected missions in the Demo.

In the full game, you can create lobbies and join other Hunters online and locally by talking to the Courier in Kamura Village – a Palico (Cat) called ‘Senri The Mailman’.

You can then complete ‘Hub Quests’ in the Gathering Hall designed to be accomplished as a group separate to ‘Village Quests’ from Hinoa in the Village which are for single player only.

Ready for some more detailed tips? Check out these handy Hunting Techniques!