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Classic 2D Super Mario Platformers throughout the ages!

20 September 2023

Always dependable and brave, the moustachioed hero Mario just won’t quit when someone’s in need! Before you jump into Super Mario Bros. Wonder on 20th October, how about a little stroll down memory lane?

To celebrate Mario’s 2D platforming adventures, Nintendo will be having exclusive missions for Nintendo Switch Online members in Australia and New Zealand tied to classic Mario 2D adventures where you can earn Platinum Points!

The titles span across a selection of Super Mario 2D adventures in the Nintendo Switch Online classic games library!

The missions have begun and will be updated weekly until 22nd October!

Week 1: Super Mario Bros. (NES) – until 1st October

Week 2: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) – until 8th October

Week 3: Super Mario World (SNES) – until 15th October

Week 4: Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins (GB) – until 22nd October

Stay tuned for more details!