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Brave the Netherworld with these Shin Megami Tensei V newcomer tips

15 November 2021

Godhood awaits in Shin Megami Tensei V, out now on Nintendo Switch! Yet, there are many intricacies on the way to ultimate power. To help you forge the destiny of this post-apocalyptic world, here are some handy tips that will guide you as you take your first steps in the Netherworld.

1. Recruit demons

Enlisting demons to your cause is a necessary evil – you cannot survive without a party of well-chosen allies. So, how do you convince them to join you? While some demons will be easily convinced with some Macca – the currency of the Netherworld – others will be more capricious. Don’t agree to every request and don’t try to please every demon you come across – some will appreciate your humour, some your commanding presence and others…your dancing skills. Try different strategies and approach every demon as an individual.

2. Explore every nook and cranny

The vast Netherworld hides its secrets well, so let your curiosity guide you. Stop by vending machines to discover relics, explore the scattered remnants of Tokyo’s buildings to find treasures, well-hidden beings called Miman, and demons ready to send you on quests.

3. Exploit weaknesses in battle

Press your advantages and aim to quickly finish off foes in every battle. Target enemies with a variety of attacks until you strike a weakness, then keep up the assault! Doing so will not only deal much greater damage but will also grant you additional consecutive actions. Obliterate your enemies or be obliterated!

4. Offence is the best defence

While guarding and healing during battle is not only useful but necessary, offence really is the best defence. Keep an eye on your Magatsuhi Gauge in the top right corner of the screen. Once it’s filled, you can use Magatsuhi Skills. These powerful abilities can be used without losing a turn, and they can significantly buff you and your demon crew. Omagatoki: Critical, for example, will grant you critical hits on every attack. Use it to eliminate enemies efficiently – before they use it on you.

5. Diversify your party

While Mothman and Agathion are both cute, your party’s composition should be as diverse as possible – don’t use demons with the same strengths and affinities together, or you risk being ineffectual against certain enemies. Change up your allies depending on the demons you would typically encounter in an area. You can also swap allies during battle, but be aware that this will use up one of your turns…

6. Visit Leyline Founts frequently

These shining blue portals serve as hubs which allow you to heal, save your game, and travel to other parts of the Netherworld. You can also trade with Gustave and return lost Miman for rewards at Cadaver’s Hollow, or strengthen yourself and your party in the World of Shadows.

7. Stock up on important items

Many of Gustave’s wares can turn the tide of battle in your favour. Stock up on Spyglasses, which can help you reveal demon weaknesses when heading to a new area. Revive allies with a Revival Bead, recover health with Medicine, and cure status ailments with Amrita Soda.

Don’t forget Dampeners – even punishing foes can be stopped in their tracks with these items. If an enemy wields devastating fire attacks, for example, employ Fire Dampeners and rain on their parade!

8. Use demon Essences

Diversifying your party is made easier with the help of demon Essences, which allow you to grant new skills to yourself or your allies. Visit the World of Shadows, select Apotheosis and then Essence Fusion to use them.

Your chosen demon will be able to inherit skills from the essence and transfer their existing abilities too. Choose carefully, however! Check the skill potential of the demon receiving the essence, and only transfer skills if they have high or normal potential.

9. Fuse demons

If your desire for power is unquenchable, demon fusion is another skill at your disposal in the World of Shadows. Fuse two allies into one more powerful demon to fill the ranks of your party, or use a specific combination to create demons that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

10. Learn Miracles

Glory is not a hypothetical in Shin Megami Tensei V. It takes a physical form and can be found scattered across the Netherworld, or by returning lost Miman to Gustave. Glory is necessary to obtain the power of Miracles, an important part of your skillset. Miracles can help you expand your demon arsenal, increase your mastery of certain skills, make more efficient use of demon essences, and much more! Visit Sophia in the World of Shadows and harness their power.

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