Meet the tear-rific characters unfolding in Paper Mario Color Splash!

Meet the tear-rific characters unfolding in Paper Mario Color Splash!

A zany world of paper unfolds…

A confetti carnival of colour is in full swing – when Mario unleashes his Paint Hammer, it’s almost as if a million water balloons full of paint have exploded across Prism Island!

Solve the mystery behind the colourless Toads, unleash the splattering spectrum of Mario’s Paint Hammer and save Prism Island in Paper Mario: Color Splash (SRP AU $79.95), a hilarious RPG action-adventure only on Wii U!

Vibrant green cardboard trees sway gently in the Prism Island breeze, their earmarked leaves casting shadows beneath the rays of a paper sun…

From tissue roll gates to sticky-taped streets, crumpled gold foil coins, paper flowers and cardboard pipes, it’s up to Mario and his trusty paintcan sidekick, Huey, to refill Prism Island and its blank Toads with colour once more!

But be careful of the ground coming unstuck – it might look like a theme park’s cardboard rollercoaster, but there’s no safety harness in sight!

Run, jump, block, chat and slam colour into Prism Island to save the blank Toads and leave all of the colour-thirsty foes who stand in your way ugly-crying.

You’ll even use real-world objects inside your papercraft realm – letting your imagination truly roam outside the lines!

And if you’re wondering why Prism Island doesn’t go soggy – it’s because even the water is made of ribbons of blue paper!



Characters that made the (paper) cut!

Here is a handful of the paper-thin heroes and baddies to discover in Paper Mario: Color Splash


A loyal friend, Mario is always ready to bend over backwards to help out a friend.

His new Paint Hammer is at the ready to whack some bright colour back into Prism Island – and crumple any baddie who stands in the way of Mario’s colour recovery mission!

Use the Paint Hammer to colour in colourless spots to solve puzzles and search for clues, as well as revive blank Toads who have been drained of their colour!



Mario’s very own talking paintcan companion, this little guy knows Prism Island like the back of his can – and he has all kinds of motivational quips to help you as your journey unfolds.

Huey will store your paint and display your paint supply – so you’ll always know when you need to top up!


Princess Peach

This courageous princess is ready to ruffle the tricksters who are draining Prism Island – where she has accompanied Mario to solve the mystery of the blank Toad!


The Toads

Save the poor Toads, whose colour is being sucked out by the Slurp Guys and their villainous BFFs!

Give blank Toads a good hearty whack with Mario’s Paint Hammer to revive them and restore them to their usual lively selves...


Rescue V

The Rescue V is a toad-ally terrific troupe of Toads who are always ready to help out those in need – but they definitely crave some of the spotlight for their efforts!

Tune in to the video below to witness the combined heroic efforts of the Rescue V, in Episode 1: Rescue V!


To stay up-to-date on the Rescue V episodes, visit Nintendo AUSNZ’s official YouTube page, by clicking the link below!



Slurp Guys/Paint Guys

These crafty criminals are draining Toads and Prism Island of its entire colour palette – and they need to be stopped!

Is it possible that they are the masterminds behind this colour crime, or is there a bigger, badder foe pulling the strings?



Did you know that if you defeat a Koopa, once you’ve sent it scrambling back into its uncoloured shell, you can kick it to rub out the line of enemies behind it??




Could it be true that there’s a paper-shredding, hero-incinerating baddie lurking in the shadows?
Or are we just being a little paper-noid?



A living, breathing world of papery textures is about to jump, hammer and splash right off the page, with Paper Mario: Color Splash (SRP AU $79.95) for Wii U, out now!


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