Nintendo Australia & New Zealand - Licenced Tournament Application

Privacy Notice

We are collecting your information for the purposes of reviewing your application for a tournament licence via Nintendo’s Tournament Form. If you do not provide this information, we cannot review your application. We may disclose this information to: government, law enforcement and regulatory bodies where this is necessary to comply with our legal obligations; service providers acting on our behalf including Formstack LLC in the United States; and other companies within the Nintendo Group including Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Japan, Nintendo of Europe AG in Germany, and Nintendo of America Inc. in the United States. We are bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Australia), the Privacy Act 2020 (New Zealand), and our own privacy policies. You can gain access to the information which we hold about you by contacting the Privacy Officer, Nintendo Australia Pty Limited, 804 Stud Road, Scoresby, Victoria 3179, Australia.


As described in the Community Tournament Guidelines (AU/NZ version), if you are an individual hosting and managing your own tournament with no external organisation, and if the scale of your event adheres to all of the guidelines specified in the Community Tournament Guidelines, you do not need to apply for a licence to operate your tournament.

This application form is only for corporate entities and organisations to apply for a licence to conduct game tournaments in the areas listed below.

Individuals looking to host a game tournament that exceeds the scope of the Community Tournament Guidelines may also use this application form to apply for permission to host a game tournament if the operation of the tournament is outsourced to a corporate entity or organisation. The operation of game tournaments may not be outsourced to individuals.

To apply, please read the form carefully and follow the instructions. If the application is incomplete, it will not be approved, so please ensure you provide all information in your application. This application form covers the below countries and regions:

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

An application must be made by the organiser of the game tournament (i.e., the representative or the person in charge of hosting a game tournament).

It is up to Nintendo's sole discretion whether or not a licence will be granted. Please note that we currently do not accept applications for hosting commercial tournaments.

Tournaments announced before 24th October 2023 and being held before 1st January 2024 do not need to apply for a licence.

Tournaments announced after 24th October 2023, and all planned but not yet announced tournaments that fall outside the scope of the Community Guidelines, must apply for a licence.