Discover new ways to play using DIY creations

Imagine being able to turn a simple piece of cardboard into almost anything:

toy-con_motorbike a motorbike,
toy-con_fishing a fishing rod,
toy-con_piano a piano

or whatever you can imagine!

Then, add your Nintendo Switch system to bring it to life!

icon_motorbike Win a race,
icon_fishing catch a fish,
icon_piano Created with Sketch. perform a song...

Nintendo Labo lets anyone easily pick up and enjoy making, playing and discovering. Have fun seeing how it all works and you might even invent new ways to play with each Toy-Con creation.

Build Toy-Con creations with step-by-step instructions.

What can I make?

Add your Nintendo Switch system and have fun with the included software.

What can I play?

Explore how the mechanics work as you build and play with your Toy-Con creation.

What can I discover?


Apply colours and stickers, modify the shape or create custom parts – whatever you want to do to make it your own, one-of-a-kind accessory!

Get handy materials with the Customisation Set

Creating stylish Toy-Con is easy with the Customisation Set (sold separately), which includes tape rolls, stencil sheets and sticker sheets!


Dream up new ways to use your Toy-Con creations…and bring them to life!

Make creations in Toy-Con Garage

Connect inputs, such as touching the screen or shaking the Joy-Con, with outputs, such as making a sound or vibrating, to create your own Toy-Con! Toy-Con Garage is included in all Nintendo Labo kits.

Racquet guitar

What is Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is the latest home console from Nintendo, that easily transforms into a portable system, allowing you and your family to play your favourite games anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

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