Vehicle Kit

Vehicle Kit

  • Use the Toy-Con Key to activate and swap between the car, submarine and plane at any time during your adventures.

  • In Adventure mode, there are 10 huge locations to be explored. From canyons, to deserts and even a bustling city – each area is packed with fun missions to complete!

  • Test your driving skills by passing through a series of gates against the clock in Rally mode or send punches flying as you race to the finish line in Circuit mode. Paint your vehicles using the Toy-Con Spray Can to give them a unique look.

  • Up to four players can compete, each using a Toy-Con Pedal or a single Joy-Con controller, in Slot Cars. Two players can also fight using cars and all sorts of power-ups in Battle mode.

  • Head into Custom Controls to create new ways to control your vehicles in Adventure and other modes too!