Wii U Support

    • What can Wii U do when connected to the Internet?

      By connecting Wii U to the Internet, it's possible to play online games, communicate with other players, purchase content, view websites on the Internet Browser, and more.

    • Is it possible to control which online functions of Wii U users can access?

      Yes. With Wii U you can set up Parental Controls to restrict users from accessing the Internet Browser, interacting with other users online, changing Internet settings, and more. Note that if you use your console in Wii mode, you will need to set up these Parental Controls separately. Please see the Parental Controls section for more details.

    • Can other users see words I have entered on Wii U?

      For instance, if I have used the Internet Browser to search for a surprise present, can other users see what I have searched for?

      No. The database used for predictive text – the feature that suggests completed words based on letters you have typed – is individual to each user, so words you have entered that you don't want other users to know will not be used in predictive text.

    • Is it possible to restrict how often Miiverse features appear during play?

      Parental Controls allows you to completely disable certain aspects of the Wii U console's online capabilities, including Miiverse.