Nintendo Accounts / My Nintendo Support

    • How do I change my Mii?

      How you change your Mii depends on which Mii is being displayed.

      • If it's your Nintendo Network ID Mii, follow these steps to change it:
        1. Change your Personal Mii and then sign in to a service that requires a Nintendo Network ID (for example Nintendo eShop or Miiverse).
        2. Go to the Change Mii page and choose the Mii you want to use.

      The Mii will change accordingly.

    • My Mii character is not displayed.

      Mii character is displayed if the Nintendo Account is linked to a Nintendo Network ID.

      Once the accounts are linked, the Mii registered to the Nintendo Network ID will automatically appear, or alternatively go here to choose one.

    • What happens if I delete my Nintendo Account?

      You can delete your Nintendo Account by selecting "Delete Account" from the Profile menu.

      Once you have confirmed that you want to delete your Nintendo Account, it will be first deactivated for a duration of four weeks. During this deactivation period, you can reactivate your Nintendo Account by signing in to the account, but some data may be lost.

      After the deactivation period has passed, your Nintendo Account will be deleted permanently and you will lose all your data associated with it, such as:

      • Mission status, points and rewards in the My Nintendo rewards programme
      • Digital content you purchased in apps linked to your Nintendo Account
      • Save data of apps linked to your Nintendo Account
      • Friends and connections managed via your Nintendo Account
    • I am not receiving promotional emails related to my Nintendo Account. What should I do?

      In order to receive promotional emails related to the Nintendo Account, your email address must be verified and you must have selected the option to receive emails from Nintendo under "Promotional Emails" in the menu.

    • How to Find Your Nintendo Account QR Code

      In this article, you will learn how to use your Nintendo Account QR Code to check in at select Nintendo-sponsored events.


      • You can view your QR Code on your Nintendo Switch console or in the browser on your PC or smart device.
      • Check in with your QR Code at select Nintendo events and locations to access exclusive My Nintendo benefits.
      • Please visit Nintendo’s website for information about upcoming events or promotions.

      Applies to: Switch

      1. Select the appropriate account from the Nintendo Switch HOME page.
      2. Select User Settings.
      3. Scroll down to the Nintendo Account section, and select Display QR Code to Check In. Your QR code will appear on the screen.
        • If Link Nintendo Account is displayed here, then a Nintendo Account has not yet been linked to the user profile. You will need to link a Nintendo Account to generate the QR Code.

      Applies to: Browser

      1. Go to and sign in to your Nintendo Account.
      2. Select Check in. Your QR Code will appear on the screen.
    • How to Set Nintendo eShop Restrictions

      Instructions on managing purchase restrictions for the Nintendo Switch system or the online Game Store.

      Additional Information:

      • Nintendo eShop purchase restrictions for Nintendo Switch and the online Game Store can only be set through a parent / guardian’s Nintendo Account in a Nintendo family group.
      • A parent / guardian can manage purchase restrictions, including automatic subscription renewals, for any Nintendo Accounts that have been added to or created by the parent / guardian’s account.
      • Parental Controls set through the Nintendo Account do not apply to the Shops on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS family, Wii, or Nintendo DSi family systems.

      Complete These Steps:

      1. Log into your existing parent / guardian Nintendo Account to access your Nintendo Account settings.
      2. Click “Family group.”
      3. A list of all supervised accounts in the family group will appear on the screen. Click the Nintendo Account where you want to manage restrictions.
        • If you are not yet supervising the account where you want to place restrictions, you will need to do one of the following:
          • Create a new account for the child (age 12 and under), or
          • Associate their existing Nintendo Account to yours (age 13 and older)
          • Set the Nintendo Account as supervised (if it already exists within the family group)
      4. Click each setting that you want to adjust:
        • Spending / purchases on Nintendo Switch eShop and - Check the box to disable purchases and auto-renewal options on Nintendo Switch AND through the online Game Store.
        • Viewing of content on Nintendo Switch eShop - Check “Restrict” to restrict the content that can be seen on the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. Content will automatically be restricted based on the player’s age.
      5. Click “Save changes” to confirm the change.
    • How to Combine Nintendo Account and Nintendo Network ID Funds

      Instructions on combining the fund balance between a Nintendo Account and a Nintendo Network ID (NNID) for the Nintendo eShop.


      • Once the balances are combined, they can’t be separated.
      • If you unlink an NNID after combining funds, the funds will remain with the Nintendo Account. The money will not be accessible through the NNID if it is unlinked from the Nintendo Account.

      Additional Information:

      • Merging the funds between a Nintendo Account and NNID will allow you to share your Nintendo eShop balance between your Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS family systems.
      • Once the funds are combined, the balance will be shared for as long as the NNID and Nintendo Account are linked together. Adding funds on one system will automatically make the money available to the others.
      • This is optional for on-device purchases. You can also keep your Nintendo Account and Nintendo Network ID balances separate if you’d prefer.

      Complete These Steps:

      1. Link your Nintendo Network ID to your Nintendo Account using a PC or smart device.
      2. Select “Nintendo eShop” on the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu to launch the Nintendo eShop.
      3. Select the account you want to use.
      4. Select the picture of your icon in the upper-right corner to access your Account Information.
      5. Select “Merge Funds from Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.”
        • If this option doesn’t appear, it means that the NNID currently linked to your Nintendo Account has already been merged to your account.
      6. Read through the information, then select “Merge Funds.”
        • If you see “Next” instead of “Merge Funds,” you don’t currently have an NNID linked to your Nintendo Account. You will need to link an NNID, then try again.
      7. Enter your Nintendo Account password, then select “Send.”
      8. The current balances from your Nintendo Account and NNID will appear. Select “Merge Funds” to combine them together.
      9. Your balances will be merged together. Select “OK” to return to the “Add Funds” menu.