Blast off with Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Blast off with Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Metroid Prime: Blast Ball is now available for free on Nintendo 3DS eShop!


Learn more about Metroid Prime: Federation Force in this new Mission Briefing video.


Climb aboard your Mech and buckle up for adrenaline-pumping sports action in Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, available to download for free* from Nintendo eShop only on Nintendo 3DS systems!

Go head-to-head in exhilarating, 3-on-3 multiplayer matches in this unique futuristic sport, combining the end-to-end thrills of soccer with mechanised mayhem and power-ups aplenty.



A competitive team sport, Blast Ball forms part of the basic training for the Federation Force. Players pilot their Mechs around the arena and shoot the ball using their blaster, with the ultimate objective of scoring three times in the opposition goal within the five minute time limit.

Blast Ball can be enjoyed by up to six players simultaneously via Local Play, Download Play** and even online*!

With fast-paced gameplay and quick-fire matches, Blast Ball is the perfect pick-up-and-play multiplayer experience.

For those who prefer to play alone, Blast Ball can also be enjoyed in single-player mode, with computer-controlled players filling out the teams.



*Wireless internet connection required. The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies required.

**Please note: Download Play requires each player to have a Nintendo 3DS family system, sold separately.




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