Get on board Metroid Prime: Federation Force with a pre-release preview event THIS THURSDAY at EB Games Swanston Street!

Get on board Metroid Prime: Federation Force with a pre-release preview event THIS THURSDAY at EB Games Swanston Street!


Date: Thursday, 1st September, 2016
Location: The Nintendo Experience – EB Games Swanston Street, 67 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Time: 3:00pm - 7:00pm


Be among the first in Australia and New Zealand to experience the co-op action of Metroid Prime: Federation Force!


You are invited to enlist in the Federation Force before the official release date, at the exclusive Metroid Prime: Federation Force Preview Event, organised by EB Games Swanston Street in Melbourne!

Set in the perilous Metroid universe, this sci-fi shooter really packs a punch in multiplayer co-op mode, so bring your mates and play as a strategic squad to unleash your combined Mech powers against the Space Pirate menace!

Please note, there will be limited copies of the game available to play, so you and your squad may need to temporarily enter standby mode before beginning your mission.


Each teammate plays a key role in your mission…

Who will be the heavy gunner, armed to the teeth and ready to take out the toughest enemies?

Who is your keenest marksman, focused on taking out hordes of assailants while others focus on the main mission objectives?

Who will equip themselves with healing capsules to provide key support in the heat of battle to keep your squad in the game?

The choice is yours!


To learn a bit more about some strategies you can put in place in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, watch the Mission Briefing video...

Do you have what it takes to join the Federation Force?

For eager players outside of Victoria (or New Zealand fans across the sea), your chance to experience the newest Metroid universe adventure will be upon you shortly, with the 3rd of September release date fast approaching!



See what the critics have to say about Metroid Prime: Federation Force…


Nintendo World Report 9/10

Click here to read the review

“The co-op online shooter genre is a bold new venture for Nintendo, and one they’ve taken to with surprising aptitude… Metroid Prime: Federation Force is, without a doubt, one of my favorite 3DS games of all time.”



Click here to read the review

“While it may not be a classic Metroid, it proves to be the kind of strategic shooter not seen from Nintendo before. Its designers enter such uncharted territory with aplomb, and the resulting game is one of the most pleasant surprises of the season.”


Go Nintendo

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“This is an extremely cinematic Metroid experience…Metroid Prime: Federation Force is an expertly crafted, action-packed experience from start to finish.”


Nintendo Life 8/10

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“Having four human brains cooperating to tackle the various mission challenges the game throws at you is what Federation Force is truly all about… There's a lot to enjoy with this game by oneself, but in order to fully appreciate it - and vastly improve those high scores - you have to become a part of a squad.”


In preparation for this team-based event, fine-tune your Metroid shooter skills with Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, available to download for free* from Nintendo eShop, only on Nintendo 3DS systems!




Now is the perfect time to train to join the Federation Force!

Master the controls of your Mech before the full game comes out in exhilarating 3-on-3 multiplayer matches.

For those who prefer to play alone, Blast Ball can also be enjoyed in single-player mode, with computer-controlled players filling out the teams.

Metroid Prime: Blast Ball is available to download for free* from Nintendo eShop only on Nintendo 3DS systems!



Choose your Mech, equip your squad and get ready for some courageous multiplayer co-op missions, with Metroid Prime: Federation Force!



*Wireless broadband internet connection required. Internet usage charges may apply. Consult with your ISP






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