Godhood awaits

Forge the destiny of a dying world amidst a power struggle between gods and demons in Shin Megami Tensei V on Nintendo Switch. In this expansive RPG, take control of an enormously powerful being, the Nahobino, to battle against – and alongside – hundreds of demons in a desecrated land.


Neither human, nor demon, the newly-forged Nahobino and his friends must decide what is worth saving…and prepare to sacrifice everything in its name.

Discover a demonic world

As an ordinary high school student, you find yourself transported to a crumbling realm littered by the remnants of what was once Tokyo. Savaged by war, this netherworld known as Da’at hides many secrets among its ruins – and danger in every corner.

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Set upon by demons in this deserted wasteland, your only path to survival is to take the hand of a mysterious figure named Aogami. In fusing together, you become the Nahobino, an accursed being with the ability to battle or befriend demons.

With this new strength, find out what happened to Tokyo, and decide the fate of the world.

Harness your newfound power

What good is power if you do not use it? The numerous demons that inhabit Da’at will put up challenges wherever you go. Put your new talents to the test and take the fight to all manner of demons in turn-based battles. Up to three recruited demons can fight by your side in each battle, so always be on the lookout for allies that can broaden your offensive options.


Many demons have weaknesses, but they won’t reveal them willingly. Launch a variety of attacks until their vulnerabilities are revealed. Each successful strike against a weak point will do great damage, and grant you additional consecutive turns to continue the assault uninterrupted.

Gather special energy Magatsuhi with every turn, and use it to unleash powerful moves that can cause critical damage to foes, or otherwise support your party.

Devilish tricks


Stay on your toes, as wily demons are all too happy to exploit your weaknesses in kind, and will turn the same strategies back on you, including Magatsuhi. Study enemies well, test their resolve and always press their weaknesses to retain your advantage. Only the foolish face frightening foes unprepared – crush them quickly before they crush you! But don’t dismiss the idea of guarding when facing tough enemies, unless you want to be obliterated in a single blow…


Deals with demons

Demons are capricious but necessary allies. Navigating Da’at is impossible without them. After all, who better to battle demons than other demons? But first, you must persuade them to join your cause…

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Preview Image

Some demons might propose an alliance to avoid battle altogether, but more often than not you will have to initiate the negotiation – even after blows have already been traded. Not all demons will be inclined to listen, of course. Those stronger than you will refuse to bend to your will, but they might be merciful…for the right price.

Demons are temperamental creatures that will change their mind on a whim. Some will be won over by demonstrations of strength or wit, while others won’t appreciate a boastful attitude. Sacrifices may be necessary to buy their loyalty, whether it’s health, money or an item, so weigh the risk versus the reward carefully before proceeding. Succeed in a negotiation, though, and the demon will fight by your side to their very end.

The power of fusion

Broaden your party’s abilities yet further with Demon Fusion, and bring some of your existing partners together to create new demons entirely. By fusing several specific demons together, you can even create particularly powerful demons, not available anywhere else. Additional allies you’ve previously registered can also be summoned in exchange for Da’at’s currency, Macca.

Your demonic allies


Hundreds of demons dwell in Da’at, ready to fight for and against you. Here are just some of those you might enlist in your adventure…


Jack Frost

Known to freeze people with their cold breath, smiling all the while.



Wild Japanese goddesses who go on rampages if they don’t get their way.


Cait Sith

Fashionable, feline fairies from Scotland. Sometimes live with humans as normal cats.



In Japanese folklore, these dog spirits are said to possess people.



A UFO was sighted when this cryptid appeared, so some believe it’s an alien.



Spirits of plants, they are born from trees that live 100 years.



Demons with no physical form, usually sealed away in bottles or pots.



Found in bogs, these Irish spirits appear at night to startle travellers.



Fairies from rural Germany who put people to sleep using magic sand.



The loyal spirit of a monster-busting dog that lived at the temple Kozen-ji.



Small fairies from southwest Britain, they’re cheerful and love to play pranks.



Japanese monsters that take the form of birds with the faces of men.

And many more await…

Power is yours for the taking

In a world without its creator, which path will you choose and what will be sacrificed? How will you shape this world? The choice is yours in Shin Megami Tensei V!

Please note: Shin Megami Tensei V is available with Japanese and English voiceover.

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Role-Playing Game
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1 player
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English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
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TV mode
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Handheld mode

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Please note: Shin Megami Tensei V is available with Japanese and English voiceover.

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